Q: Can I test my printer if it is able to print the model before I buy the STL files?
A: Yes, hover on Planes in menu, chose model you want from drop down list, then click on Test STL files.
Q: Are the models in this website fly tested?
A: Yes, you can have a look on fly videos in website OR visit our Youtube channel Ban R.C
Q: How to download the STL files?
A: Go to buy page, click on model you want, follow the instruction.
Q: Why my printer not print the internal airfoils or walls?
A: In slicer setting the “Slicing tolerance” must be activated.
Q: Why the ribs appear on part skin?
A: To privent this to happen, you must activate "Outer walls before inner walls". The printer will print 1st the outside wall "Skin" then the inner ribs. 
Q: How can I know the correct applicable slicer values for your models?
A: They are in model user guide. hover on Planes in menu, chose model you want from drop down list then click on user guide.
Q: Are the electronics used in models easy to find in market?
A: Yes, you click on description link in user guide to open supplier website suggested.
Q: Do I must use same electronics shown in user guide.
A: No, you can use the equivalent in weight and performance.
Q: How much time it takes to print the model?
A: Depend on printing speed mm/sec. If you follow the slicer setting that we suggest in PDF file, then the part might take 7h to 30min depend on part size.
Q: How much filament needed for model?
A: 1Kg is more than enough.
Q: What method of payment do you accept?
A: Currently only Paypal method is acceptable.
Q: If I have no Paypal account or not available in my country?
A: Easy to create Paypal account https://www.paypal.com
Or you can pay by your bank card. How?
- Click on button "checkout with Paypal".
- Paypal payment window will open.
- Click on "Pay with a card".
- Choose your card type and follow the instruction.
Q: Refund is acceptable?
A: No.
Q: Can I ask some modification on design after I buy the STL file? And is it related to extra cost I must pay?
A: Yes, Minor modification is possible. you can send us a mail on info@3dbanrc.com to review your request. But matter is related to our evaluation. No extra cost will apply.
Q: Did you already proposed some modifications on design Free of charge.
A: Yes, like motor support, wing servo control horns at top and elevator join integration.
Q: If I lost the files I bought or the download link, how can I download them again?
A: You just send us a mail on info@3dbanrc.com with mail address you used time of your Paypal payment. We check "it might be take 24h" and we send you the download link by mail.
Q: What is the best printer in market for your models?
A: Design has made to meet most of printers available in market. Printers can print the models in our website should have a printing dimensions of 220mm x 220mm x 220mm more info in model user guide.
Q: What printer you are using to print these models?
A: We are using Anet A8.
Q: Which filament type should I use to print these models?
Q: How I assemble the model parts?
A: You can have a look on assembling videos “link in user guide” or you can visit our Youtube channel Ban R.C.
Q: How many channels for receiver and Radio?
A: Min 6 channels.
Q: How can I contact you?
A: Send us a mail on info@3dbanrc.com OR a message in contact page.